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David grew up in Marshall, Texas in the thick piney woods region. He comes from a family with a lot of teachers, roughnecks and engineers, but he’s the first lawyer. He’s always had a job since he was fifteen, from flipping burgers and washing dishes to auto parts sales and construction, but he always wanted to be a lawyer helping people.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, David spent nearly three years as an auto claims adjuster for a major insurance company. He learned to evaluate what a claim was worth and became skilled at reconstructing accidents. But most importantly, he gained an education in humankind: “My customers came from all walks of life and I appreciated that they had often just experienced a traumatic event, whether someone slammed into them at a red light or someone busted out their window just to steal a phone charger and their child’s backpack. I asked questions and tried to learn something from everyone I met. And it wasn’t rare for a customer to ask for a hug; because I really cared, and they knew it.”

David’s time as an adjuster only solidified his dream to become a lawyer and, eventually, he was able to attend law school. “I now see people through some of the scariest and most stressful times of their lives. I love working for my people, not big businesses with unlimited resources. I think it has something to do with my name being David—I just can’t help but want to stand up to and defeat the Goliaths of the world.”

David has since represented hundreds of satisfied clients. His favorite thing about what he does is helping his clients to feel less worried and less alone in an all-too-often cold and complicated system. David looks for the good in all people and tries to help everyone he can.  He takes pride in his work and always works for the best result he can obtain for his clients.

In his down time, David spends most of his time with his family. David has been described as an old soul with a big heart. He always has music playing and he likes to cook outside. He also likes to fish and hunt when he gets the chance, and he has an insatiable thirst for learning all kinds of things.


David is truly passionate about helping his people get what they deserve. Oftentimes he can reach an agreement with the other side without going to court. However, if it’s a fight they want, David will give them a fight they may live to regret.

“I believe there to be no more fulfilling work than helping my brothers and sisters in need level the playing field against the powerful, which is why I do what I do.”